Terry cloth – universal (2 pcs.), mitten for general cleaning, suede cloth – for delicate surfaces, «smooth» cloth – for glassware.

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Enjoy new horizons for comfort! By choosing AQUAmagic line’s UJUT ecological products, you provide perfect comfort for your house without any chemicals


The Aquamagic UJUT set contains:

  • Terry cloth: universal (2 pcs.)

This cloth is used to remove various kinds of dirt off of any and all surfaces, including metal and chrome coatings.­ The cloth does not leave any stains or lint, quickly giving the surface a perfect look.­

  • Mitten: for general cleaning

The elastic cuff carefully grasps the arm. The longer lint of this product is ideal for removing the dust off of the equipment, household appliances, and polished surfaces.

  • Suede cloth: for delicate surfaces

Ideal for surfaces that do not require being moistened. ­During cleaning, the surface being wiped is polished. It works wonders for jewelry and fashion jewelry and makes the stones shine. The cloth is critical for maintaining liquid crystal displays. It provides effective, gentle care to the leaves of any house plants.­

  • «Smooth» cloth: for glassware

It quickly and efficiently cleans windows without wiping them dry. The cloth easily polishes and makes crystal, glass and porcelain items shine­ in addition to being used to clean TV screens, monitors, microwave ovens, and optical equipment.