A double-sided TWIST cloth; the TWIST mitt; the triple sponge TWIST; a scrubber cloth; a smooth cloth (2 pcs.).

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Enjoy absolute purity! Having made a choice in favor of TWIST ecological products of AQUAmagic line, you have provided perfect, chemical-free comfort, coziness and cleanliness in your house harmless to your loved ones.


Aquamagic TWIST SET contains:


  • A double-sided TWIST cloth

Easily, quickly, and successfully does away with stains, dirt, and dust. It perfectly absorbs moisture, leaves no stains or lint, and the smooth side of the cloth perfectly polishes any surface, giving it a flawless, tidy look.

  • The TWIST mitt

The TWIST mitt is designed for general cleaning. Thanks to its ergonomic design, it fits conveniently and securely into the hand. The elastic cuff covers the wrist, protecting the hands from contacting the dirt.

  • The triple sponge TWIST

The special triple design allows the sponge to be folded differently for ease of use, allowing the best results to be achieved. It is designed to remove various types of dirt from any surfaces.

  • A scrubber cloth

Thanks to the combination of microfiber and the hard “Scrubber” fiber, you can easily and effortlessly remove stubborn, deep-seated contaminants from any surfaces without damaging them and leaving any stains. It restores a perfect look and maintains it for a long time.

  • A smooth cloth (2 pcs.)

Ideal for delicate surfaces that require gentle care or cannot be wetted. It easily provides polishing, a shine, and glow to products made of crystal, glass, and porcelain. Indispensable in caring for optics, screens, smartphones, and tablets.