Towel, small cosmetic cloth (2 pcs.), body wash mitt, turban.

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Gentle care at the first touch... By choosing the AQUAmagic line’s NEGA ecological products, you have ensured yourself perfect care for your body and hair as well as retaining your youth and beauty.


AQUAmagic NEGA set contains:

• Towel

The soft and gentle towel perfectly absorbs moisture, leaving the skin completely dry. Its microfiber features an antiseptic effect and does not irritate sensitive skin. Even babies will appreciate this pleasant to the touch towel.

• Small cosmetic cloth (2 pcs.)

Gently cleanses the skin, removes makeup, and provides a light peeling effect. Constant use of the napkin improves the condition of the skin, refreshes complexion, increases the accessibility for the nourishing and moisturizing components of cosmetics to the epidermal cells. Suitable even for the most sensitive skin.

• Body wash mitt

The comfortable body wash mitt gently exfoliates the upper layer of the epidermis, stimulating the growth of young cells. It provides a soft massage, which greatly improves blood circulation and skin regeneration. Regular use of the body wash mitt renders the skin smooth and beautiful.

• Turban

The comfortable turban dries your hair like a hairdryer in just a few minutes without exposing it to the harmful effects of high temperatures. The clasp allows you to securely and effortlessly fasten the turban on your head.