70 х 55 cm Towel

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Enjoy perfect car cleanliness! Having made a choice in favor of LUXE ecological products of AQUAmagic line, you have provided effective and simple care for your car and made it shine clean and serve you for many years.


The AQUAmagic line’s LUXE car towel is made of a unique fabric based on the innovative "Twist" thread. This thread is spinned from ultrafine dissected microfiber in the form of a spiral twisted loop. Thanks to this spinning, the fabric acquires the ability to absorb and retain moisture, dirt, and dust several times greater than the material’s volume. The elongated needle-shaped nap allows you to easily access hard-to-get indentations and slits. Ideal for both wet and dry cleaning without the use of chemicals.


This large, comfortable towel will render washing your car easy and effortless. Due to these microfibers’ ability to absorb significant amounts of moisture, the towel will handle cleaning such vast surfaces as your car hood, trunk, or windows. In a single swipe, it will remove excess moisture after washing and protecting the automobile’s enamel from damage. Your car will have a bright gleam!