A Towel, a hairband, a makeup removing sponge, a double-sided sponge mitten, a tooth brushing sponge (2 items), a mitten.

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Treat your skin gently! By choosing the AQUAmagic line’s LASKA ecological products, you have ensured excellent SPA care in your home to retain youth in your skin.


Aquamagic Laska set includes:


  • A towel

The soft and delicate microfiber effectively absorbs moisture, leaving your skin dry and clean. It does not irritate sensitive skin and it leaves it with a feeling of tenderness and care.

  • A hairband

It easily holds hair, keeping it away from the face. Thanks to the flexible structure of the fabric, the band does not squeeze the skin but feels comfortable instead.

  • A makeup removing sponge

The unique texture of the sponge allows your skin to be cleansed thoroughly without damaging it. The silver nanoparticles in the microfiber inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria.

  • A double-sided sponge mitten

The rough surface functions as a scrubber: exfoliating dead skin cells and stimulating skin regeneration. The smooth surface gently polishes the skin, rendering it smooth.

  • A tooth brush sponge (2 items)

The sponge enables you clean and polish teeth without using toothpaste and gently massages the gums. If used daily, it provides visible results in preventing stomatological disease.

  • A mitten

The soft mitten gently massages your face, neck, and chest. Constant use renders your skin smooth and healthy.