kitchen towel; dishwashing wipe double-sided (3 pcs.); fluffy wipe for glass, porcelain, chrome-plated steel products; hair-cord wipe for general cleaning.

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Enjoy absolute purity! Having made a choice in favor of ABSOLUTE ecological products of AQUAmagic line, you have provided comfort, coziness and cleanliness in your kitchen, care for your own health and the health of the people around you.


Aquamagic ABSOLUTE set contains:

  • Kitchen towel

Perfectly absorbs moisture, has antiseptic properties and high wear resistance, keeps its flawless appearance for a long time and gives shine to the wiped objects.

  • Double-sided cloths for washing-up (3 pcs.)

These cloths allow you to wash dishes easily and efficiently, removing even the most complex contamination without the use of chemicals. Hard nap of the cloth quickly cleans the dishes without scratching the surface. The soft fabric of the product effectively and gently removes grease and other contaminants leaving no stains.

  • «Fluffy» cloth for glass, porcelain and stainless steel

Quickly adds durable shine to glass, porcelain, crystal, chrome-plated dishware without the use of chemicals. Allows you to effectively polish the kitchen facades, easily and efficiently removing grease stains and other contaminants.

  • Finely ribbed cloth – for general cleaning

It perfectly absorbs moisture and is used to remove various types of contaminants from any surfaces, including metal and chrome-plated coatings. The cloth does not leave stains and lint, comfortable and pleasant to use.