How to Cut Hair Instructions

Sampling Instructions

1. Prior to sampling, you must purchase a consultation for your region.

2. Avoid submitting hair that has been colored, chemically straightened, permed, or chemically treated; you may use pubic, chest or an underarm hair sample instead.

3. If you are unable to use your hair, you may use unpolished fingernails or toenails. In some circumstances, we can accept a cotton ball soaked in saliva.

4. When taking your sample, use hair that is clean and free of styling products such as hair spray, styling gel or leave‐in conditioners.

4. Cut hair from the nape of the neck, as close to the scalp as possible (newest hair growth). To insure a proper sample, cut and save only 1 inch (3 cm) of hair length from the end nearest your scalp.

5. Continue to cut your hair until you have enough to fill a heaping tablespoon. More hair is better than less. See: Yellow Ruler and Pink Circle as a guide.

6. Included in the kit is a small tan paper envelope, Put your hair in the tan paper envelope, fold in-half and place in the metallic envelope. Write your name on the metallic bag label. Your Name must match your Online “Kit Registration” Form.

7. Review the back of this sheet and sign the bottom of the page of the Informed Consent Statement. 

8. This statement must be included with your hair sample.

9. Place the Hair Sample and this form back into the and the box, then reseal the box using the inclosed seal. Affix the proper postage and check return address.

10. After mailing your sample(s), expect your results within 1‐2 weeks.