A bucket with double rotation system, a radial mop consisting of an octagonal platform and a handle of 2 parts, three replaceable attachments made of ultrathin dissected microfiber: a white attachment, a green attachment, a blue attachment.

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The  universal TURBO wet cleaning system fully ensures the environment friendly cleaning with no use of household chemicals and that creates thea safe and comfortable environment in the house. The replaceable cleaning attachments of the radial mop are made of ultra-thin dissected microfiber produced by the latest textile technology: each thread is cut into eight regular sectors that form microscopic gaps along the thread. Due to this feature, a capillary effect is formed:  under the influence of the surface tension force, water with contaminants and dust comes off the surface and draws into the fabric structure. Attachments easily remove any dirt without damaging the surface and leaving stains and lint.



The universal system for the TURBO wet cleaning helps to do the various cleaning, without no extra efforts, to wash and squeeze the mop attachments, without bending down and touching the damp soiled section thanks to the power centrifuge built in the bucket.



The double rotation system makes it possible to efficiently wash-off textile attachments and squeeze them as desired until almost dry. The protective design of the bucket top excludes any water splashes even at the highest spin speeds. The ergonomic design of the mop makes the cleaning process comfortable avoiding extra tension of hand muscles and the body; the octagonal rotating base easily and reliably grasps replaceable attachments and may be used at any angle. The handle length is adjustable at 85 to 130 cm to ensure using it by both adults and children.



Three textile attachments in the set are made of microfiber of different colors, so that they can be easily identified to be used for the intended zonal cleaning. This completely avoids the contamination in places that require special cleaning.



A bucket with double rotation system.

A radial mop consisting of an octagonal platform and a handle of 2 parts.

Three replacable attachments made of ultra-thin dissected microfiber:

  • a white attachment – for rooms and surfaces that require special cleanness (children, walls, etc.);
  • a green attachment – for common areas (living room, windows, etc.);
  • a blue attachment – for strongly contaminated areas (bathrooms, hallways, loggias, etc.).



Unpack the parts of the universal TURBO wet cleaning system. Connect the parts of the telescopic mop handle with the grip fastener, tighten the plastic nut clockwise. Insert the mop handle into the platform grip and tighten. Adjust the length of the mop handle using the grip fastener. To do this, unscrew the nut, set the desired length of the handle and to fix in this position, tighten the fastening nut.



Attachment installation and replacement

Use suitable attachments for different rooms and surfaces:

* a white attachment - for rooms and surfaces requiring high purity;

* a green attachment - for common areas;

* a blue attachment - for extra contaminated areas.

To mount a mop attachment, place it under the octagonal base and press it down. The attachment will sit with a click. To replace the mop attachment step on the textile part of the mop head near the octagonal base and press it down to the floor. The attachment will come off the mop base.


Preparation for work

Put some water into a bucket up to the maximum level indicated, so as not to spill and not to interfere with squeezing.

To rinse and squeeze the microfiber attachments, fix the mop handle upright at 90° to the octagonal base, placing the palm on the rotating plastic part of the handle. Place the mop base in the rotating mechanism of the bucket and, pressing the pedal, rinse the attachment. Then, moving it to the centrifuge, squeeze it.

Pedaling, control the desired rotation speed for the desired squeeze extent.


Operating conditions

• To ensure that the TURBO wet cleaning system is used for a long time, handle the product with care, avoid its deformation or contact with heating devices.

• Avoid excessive mechanical stress during assembly and use of the product.

• After using, the microfiber attachment is recommended to be rinsed in clean water and squeezed well in the bucket centrifuge.

• To keep the unique qualities and functionality of nozzles, follow instructions to use microfiber products.



• If heavily contaminated, wash with soap or mild detergent that does not contain bleach and conditioner, separately from products of other fabric.

• Do not use at high temperatures (do not wipe heated household appliances:  lamps, heaters and the like).

• Do not iron, do not dry on hot batteries, do not machine wash.

• Avoid contact of AQUAmagic microfiber with household chemicals.