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Manufactured in the SOLUNA laboratory

Spagyric rhythmization after Alexander von Bernus. Use of signature-intensive medicinal plants from the Soluna medicinal plant garden.

Original recipe after Alexander von Bernus - since 1921

Spagyric tincture by extraction of

  • Hamamelis leaves
  • Larch sponge
  • Mistletoe
  • Marigold flowers
  • Grapevine herb

in the extraction medium consisting of

  • Distillate from aqueous-ethanolic maceration residue from the previous cycle and purified water
  • Hemlock herb D4 from spagyric mother tincture after Alexander von Bernus
  • Ethanol 96%

For risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor and pharmacist!

Composition: 10ml Urtin treatment (equivalent to 9.7 g) contain: Calendula - Clematis - Hamamelis - Laricifomes - Viscum - Conium - Mother tincture spag. from Bernus 56c 10ml. 10 g mother tincture spag. of Bernus 56c are manufactured using: Calendula officinalis, Flos sicc. 0.1g, Clematis vitalba, Herba sicc. 0.03g, Hamamelis virginiana, Folium sicc. 0.1g, Laricifomes officinalis 0.03g, Viscum album, Herba sicc. 0.1g, Conium maculatum, Herba sicc. spag. by Bernus 56j Dil. D4 1.2g; 1 ml corresponds to 22 drops. Fields of application: Registered homeopathic medicine, therefore without indication of a therapeutic indication. Warnings: Contains 29.3 vol.% Alcohol