5 disposable cleansing wipes for smooth skin made Water; natural citric acid; and extracts: soaproot, brier root, chamomile, birch leaves, nettle, tansy, aspen bark, larch bark, mognolia vine, burdock, willow bark, meadow clover, oregano, viburnum, and ivy.

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eo #3 cleaning cloths are designed to remove stains from clothing, accessories, and furniture made of smooth leather without leaving scratches or stains. They help gently remove coffee, wine, oil, and lipstick stains and more. They are most effective if used to wipe the stains before drying. Thanks to BioTrim Neo’s convenient holding sachets, the cleaning cloths are easy to keep on hand at all times.

Removes fresh stains off of smooth leather clothing, accessories, and furniture.



Wipe the dirty area of the product from seam to seam, knead the leather with your hands, and wait until it has completely dried. The cleaning cloth may take the color of leather.