Towel for hands, 50 x 30 cm

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Gentle and soft LAGUNA Towel, combining naturality of high-quality cotton and effectiveness of split microfiber, is ideal for those who appreciate comfort and practicality. Unique weave «double stitch» provides delicate skin care and makes the towel exceptionally functional and durable. The towel stays fresh for a long time and dries very quickly, so it can be reused after a short time. Microfibers secure excellent absorbency and antibacterial properties of the towel. Resistant to wear, it will serve you age-long, keeping your face skin young and healthy.


  • enhanced antibacterial properties: the silver nanoparticles in the microfibers prevent the growth of pathogenic bacteria;
  • intensive moisture absorption: absorbs three times more than ordinary towels;
  • deodorizing and antibacterial properties;
  • quick drying: dries many times faster than ordinary towels, which allows using it to be used again in the shortest possible amount of time;
  • durable and long-lasting.