A baby-hooded towel, a mitten.

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Take care of your child's cleanness and comfort! By choosing our eco-friendly BABY products from our AQUAmagic line, you provide your child with all-embracing, considerate treatment and show the utmost care.


  • A baby-hooded towel

A soft and delicate towel will render your baby's bath a hassle-free pleasure. Thanks to its great absorbing properties, it is perfectly designed for drying your baby after its bath is done. Meanwhile, the hood will allow the baby's hair to be dried in a couple of minutes. The towel size is just right for wrapping it around a baby after a bath. Even the most active of babies will have a pleasant experience with the delicate touch of the fluffy fabric. Your kids will have a ball!

  • A mitten

The delicate and comfortable mitten will be an indispensable helper to you as you wash your baby. It will let you wash your baby tenderly and thoroughly and give it a gentle massage, which will have a positive effect on its development. The soft, cleaning surface of the mitten will give your child a complete feel of its parent's care. The bath will be a delight for it to enjoy!